One Time Affair

by stopokplease

This post is in response to “Weekly Writing Challenge: the Difference Point of View Makes”.

“How long has it been since I heard my heart pounding?” Arun asked himself. The events that led to this evening had passed quickly. This was immoral, unethical and certainly capable of costing him a lot of money if caught. In the battle between right and wrong in his mind, the excitement of venturing into something dangerous trumped the thoughts of repercussions in the future.

It was a beautiful room. He knew people at the hotel. His business associates were put up here and that made him a privileged guest at the club class floor. Not all guests were welcomed with a bottle of champagne waiting at in the room when you checked in. He ran the back of his palm over the bottle.

She arrived some time later. He had thought this through. There would not be much talking. Talking screws things up. He knew this with past experiences. Of course, those happened almost 20 years back. When he did not have this hint of a belly. When he did not have a wedding ring on his finger.

After the initial hesitation, they got to business. Not that he did not enjoy the resistance. In fact, it turned him on even more. But the feeling of being inside another woman, feeling the most intimate parts of her body, touching her, groping her like she belonged to him made him ecstatic.

Today he redeemed himself. His manhood. No one would need to know about this. It was a one time affair. Something he needed to get out of himself, for a long time.


Priya stared at door of room 512. She needed that promotion. And the pay hike was the only thing between her and that flat at Carter Road. Life had been good to her. A brilliant academic record and her stellar performance in the past four years at work would surely pave her way to the boardroom.

Then why was she acting as if giving in to Arun’s idea of sleeping together was the only way to get up the ladder? Was she actually falling in love with him? The lack of logic in this hypothesis drove her crazy. He was way older than her, married with two children, or was it three? He would never leave his family for her. Her parents would never accept this union. They would be devastated. And did she want to marry him in the first place?

She suddenly felt a gush of air in the windowless corridor. She shook herself off her thoughts. It must have been a good five minutes she was standing in front of the door debating her actions. “Arun promised it is a one time thing only.” She told herself in an assuring tone.

Knock…  knock

It was not easy. She had done it only once before, in business school. That experience was dreamlike. She was in love. This was different. She was trying to figure out what the sensation inside her was. Love, lust, infatuation or some other word she was not aware of, hidden in the dictionary.

He was swift in taking off her clothes. And his. She did not like the feeling of the bright lights magnifying the fallacies of their bodies. But it never works completely in your favour, does it? She enjoyed him caressing her. Playing like a toddler who has just been bought a shiny new toy. The champagne helped too.

Sex numbs your mind. Two naked bodies pressing against each other, moving in a co-ordinated motion. Hormones jumping around like fireworks in Diwali. There would be repercussions. She knew it. She could have not gotten into this. But she chose to. All she could do now is close her eyes and enjoy the feeling grow over her body.